Is A Divorce Solicitor Necessary?

Lots of people believe they are able to go ahead and take the easy option and finish a ‘DIY’ divorce themselves. The primary benefit is a decrease in costs, but in fact it may be super easy to miss or not ‘tick’ a box producing major consequences and issues. Think about the following points and choose on your own if you should you see a solicitor… in the end their profession is to help individuals like yourself.

Before you start the divorce process, you need to prove which among the five grounds of divorce that is a legal requirement to proceed. Even if you choose to draft a divorce petition it may be a good idea to ask a lawyer to have a good look at it before issuing it towards the Family Court.

Another aspect in deciding whether or not to see a solicitor is if the process will be straightforward with a lawyer. In case your ex-partner is reluctant to accept a divorce then it might be better to gain advice from the lawyer to find out when the grounds are met. In case your ex-partner concurs to the divorce, it may be useful to acquire legal counsel should there be children or substantial property owned.

If both you and your ex-partner own a lot of property, it is advisable to see a solicitor to actually receive your full share and entitlement.

You most likely won’t need the use of a solicitor if both you and your ex-partner both want a divorce and also have made the decision on how you can divide your home, if there aren’t any children involved, you don’t own substantial property and you’re certain that you could fulfill the cause for divorce.