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Compound Interest – Mortgage Lending Comparison & News

Compound Interest - Mortgage Lending Comparison & News

Compound interest is the interest on a financial investment that is used to accrue interest income from an earlier period and not to be deducted for other purposes. If 100 $ is invested in a savings account with an interest of four percentage points for one year, the interest balance for the first payment after 12 weeks is four $.

If no amount of money is withdrawn from the bank account and the $ 104 is thus invested for another year at four percentage points, an interest guarantee of $ 4.16 is made at the end of the financial year. 16 cents of this is due to compounding. It follows that compound interest can only accrue from the second interest period, in which an interest period is defined as the period between the investment and the subsequent crediting of the interest.

In this way compound interest can occur even after only three weeks. In connection with the financing of private construction, compound interest is of particular relevance for securing equity. Savers benefit from the so-called interest effect, as capital growth increases over time not only through current payments and their interest, but also through compound interest.

This increases continuously over the course of a plant. Because of the compound interest effect, the portion of capital growth that results from cash inflows decreases over time. However, the compound interest in a savings phase of 12 to 15 years, as is common in some projects, can make a significant contribution to refinancing.

This is particularly the case if savings are made not through a contract, but through an account or another interest product, since the interest rate for building society contracts is low and this can also have an impact on compound interest.

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